Party Packages

There are party packages available to suit everyone.

High 5 Sports Parties are a great way to celebrate and are suitable for boys and girls of all ages. Our enthusiastic and qualified coach is committed to providing a stress free party experience which is a fun and memorable.

If you require a venue, we are happy to make the party planning less stressful & suggest some venues too! Whether you are having a family get together or have a whole class to entertain.

We have the best fun!

High 5 Sports parties are guaranteed to provide high-energy fun for 3-12 year olds! We will organise the perfect party that will entertain (and exhaust) all the children. Our activities and games are age appropriate so will be tailored to suit the group age. 

Our Parties include:

Running Games

Bean Bag &
Balls Games

Obstacles Courses
&  Dodgeball

Team Games &
Relay Races

Parachute Fun
& Dancing

We are a mobile business that can adapt to any size venue to give your child the best party ever!

Why not try a themed party?

Your child’s party will be fun, active and can be party themed to suit your child’s latest craze!

… and many more or suggest your own and we will accommodate!

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